USPS: A new civil right stamp was created from thousands of facebook and twitter profile photos
On 23 August 2013, the USPS issued a limited-edition Forever stamp to commemorate the March of 28 August 1963 for Jobs and Freedom, which attracted nearly 250,000 civil rights supporters came together on Washington D.C.
Liberia: Cocoa scented postage stamps hit the market
In 2011, the African nation of Liberia issued two sheets of chocolate themed postage stamps commemorating one of their leading exports, cocoa.
Finland: New technology in forest stamps
Graphic designer Klaus Welp has designed two stamps for Finland presenting the four seasons.
Liechtenstein: the first time a postage stamp is appearing in silhouette form
One of expressions of cordial relationship between the Principality of Liechtenstein and the People's Republic of China are numerous Liechtenstein postage stamps to which Chinese artists have contributed. This is the case for "Chinese Signs of the Zodiac" issue.
South Korea: Dinosaurs stamps with perforations in the shape of dinosaur
On 05 August 2010, Korean Post issued the stampset "The Age of Dinosaurs Series (1st Issue)" with perforations in the shape of dinosaur.
South Africa: African Wild Cats on Stamps
Annemarie Wessels has captured African Wild Cats' beauty and mystery skilfully on a set of five Africa airmail rate stamps.
India's first cloth stamp
India Post has decided to release a stamp printed on khadi (Indian handspun and hand-woven cloth). A first such stamp in the country, it will bear the image of Mahatma Gandhi.
Thailand's first rice-seed postage stamp and valuable with the Royal Selected Rice Seeds for the use in the Royal Ploughing Ceremorny 2010
To honour H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 83rd birthday and to show gratitude for what he has done for his subjects, Thailand Post has attached rice grains given by the King to this set of postage stamps to add value to the collection.
Sweden: Crime Novel Stamps
There are microtexts imbedded in the stamps about the authors and their works. Try to find them!
Brazil: Embroidered stamp and Bat-shaped stamps
On 2010, Brazil Post issued two unusual stampsets: Embroidered stamp and Bat-shaped stamps.
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